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How to calculate Number of Pages?

While getting a quote, one of the important input is “Number Of Pages”. If given page number is not correct, calculated price will be either under or over, but not the correct amount.

Number of page is the page count shown on electronic file. If you upload 5 PDF files and if you want all pages printed, number of pages makes total of page numbers shown on each file.

If you order double sided print:

Please do not halve page number!

In our daily use “one page” equals “one sheet of paper”. In print business, “one page” equals “one side”. If both sides of a sheet of paper printed, printers will count it as 2 pages.

In other words, number of page doesn’t change, if it is single sided or double sided print. For example, if you have a 100 page document as a word file and if you prefer double sided print, correct “Number Of Pages” would be 100 for both if it is printed double sided or if it is printed single sided.